Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How about those perfect curls?
And yes, something is bugging me!!!

Here are some pics I took of my adorable neice's adorable baby...Benjamin! He gave us quite a workout as he was teething severely and he kept his eyes glued on his mom every second! At nine months he was very mobile and kept us both hopping, I loved it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I know I am a little slow on the draw but hey...better late then never, I enjoyed these pics too much to keep them to myself! Even though he is over 3 months old already, here is our newest grandson...Locke Magrath Larsen! (#7) It is just so awesome to open that tiny bundle for the first time and take your first peak and fall in love....again... with the newest tiny person in your family! And at 5 weeks premature, he was very tiny and soooo cuddly! He really looks like his daddy....almost identical except when he opened his eyes, all I saw was Brittany, she had the same big droopy puppy dog eyes when she was born. I think he is absolutely adorable! What a distinctive perfect little face he has! (I could and probably am... biased)
Just for fun I included Skye doing her thing she does best, manipulating newborns! She was also mentoring me at the same time while we took pics together of little baby Locke! I got to spend the week helping Britt and baby adjust to their new life together! She's a natural momma and you would never know this is her first baby! That is Lane's grandparents in the center, he has so many people that love him already! I get to see him again at the end of this week. EEEEEEE!!!

Ok! Here we go! After 3 months of dealing with the most painfully crashed computer in the history of my life... I am finally up and running again! Meanwhile, I have been sooooo....busy....as usual!
First up... Darcy,
a senior from Roosevelt that I took pics of when I was down helping my daughter Brittany with her 5 week early baby...Locke Magrath Larsen! I will also post pics of him right after these of this cutest petite girl ever!